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About Me


I am Maurizio de Angelis and today, thanks to my wilfulness, constance and passion I am active in the business of fine watchmaking. I am specialised in buying and selling vintage wristwatches as well as collection timepieces of the most prestigious swiss brands.

My expertise come from my long-term knowledge of watches: no specific educational background or family inheritance,
just courage, instinct and a great deal of passion.

I bought my first watch when I was 17 years old, a 70’s Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch which was displayed by a local jewelry shop in the town where I grew up, Venturina.
It was love at first sight, but I knew I was just a penniless 17-year-old who could not afford such a watch. However, my desire and, in hindsight also my instinct, prevailed over reason. I went and bought that Omega Speedmaster commuting it with an old gold watch that my father had left me. I now interpret this coincidence as a sign of fate. Perhaps it was my dad, who sadly passed away when I was just a child, that was telling me to go and follow my instinct.

My very first sales experience did not go as planned as the forwarding agent lost the package and with it also my first investment. However, obstacles have never stopped me. I did not lose heart and thanks to the partial refund from the insurance and to some small savings, I managed to purchase my first Rolex. This made my secret wish come true! Nevertheless my ambition led me, shortly after, to sell it with the idea of stepping up the ladder. This is how I earned my first profit and it was in that exact moment that I realised that I could turn my greatest passion into a business. At the time I was 21 years old.

After some hesitation, I then decided to gather up my courage and to leave my old job in order to concentrate all my energies on my greatest passion.

I improved my knowledge mostly thanks to years of experience gained on the field, by participating to the most renowned trade fairs and by coming into contact with the main dealers and collectors. I spent hours and hours assembling and disassembling watches in order to study them thoroughly in all their special features. Last but not least, I did my research and tried to learn from those who, before me, had already embarked on this path made of small gears and expert eyes.

Nowadays my greatest satisfaction is to constantly surprise my clients with the rarest and most exclusive watches present on the market. My top priority is to guarantee the best service possible while my main goal does not only include finalising the sale, but also providing my clients with a full customer service. In doing so, I am able to steer them towards purchasing iconic items full of historical value that will eventually turn out into great investments.

During the whole summer season you can find us at the Alpemare bath in Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany)