Maurizio De Angelis, after years of experience in the Field of Luxury Vintage watches, opened his first Luxury Concept Boutique in August 2020 in the center of Forte Dei Marmi, a famous and sought-after destination on the Versilia coast.

Since the beginnings in the world of second-hand watchmaking, his attending the most renowned international Fairs and Auctions allowed him to become a well-known entrepreneur in the sector, able to find out extremely rare and sometimes unique timepieces.

Today, Maurizio De Angelis heads a company made up of a team of experts who follow every activity of the Brand and determine its value by building a skilled and competitive company in the market.

Our business of selling and buying exclusive watches starts from the boutique experience and develops further through e-commerce, website and social media.

Through these channels we provide to our client the tools that allow him to understand who we are and how we operate; the customer is therefore guided in the searching of the desired watch, following a path made of knowledge and transparency.

We aim to provide quality services both in terms of advice during the purchase experience and in the maintenance care of each timepiece.

Solidity and seriousness are the values we are inspired from, trying to help the end customer who wishes to acquire knowledge in one of the richest but also difficult and complicated sectors to learn from.

June 2021 sees the birth of two fundamental projects for the growth of the Brand:

The launch of the first DEANGELIS watch for Alpemare, made in Italy in a limited edition, innovative in appearance and material.

The collaboration with one of the most important international Auction Houses in the world, such as Antiquorum, which for the first time chooses to carry out an auction in partnership with a private entrepreneur, returning to Italy with an innovative format: the event was held at the Alpemare beach club of the Bocelli’s family. Maestro Andrea Bocelli himself donated his DEANGELIS watch during the auction so that the proceeds were donated to charity. This event set the record for sales in an Italian auction. This spring will see us again as protagonists of a project that continues to grow up:

the opening of a new Boutique in the center of Milan, which has always been considered the beating heart of all showbiz activities in Italy, that will open on September 2022.