My name is Maurizio De Angelis and after a 15-year professional career, thanks to perseverance, passion and determination.

I realize deals buying and selling Vintage luxury watches, belonging to the most prestigious Haute Horlogerie Maison.

I humble enough to share my story as a boy, who at 17, with courage, instinct and passion, bought his first Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch from the 70s, displayed in a jewelry store in Venturina, the small village where I grew up in.

It was love at first sight! I was aware to be a “penniless” young man, that could not afford certain expenses. I certainly did not have material supports and unfortunately not even a family to support me but, driven by desire and intuition (which I often later let myself be guided by), my “action” was successful. I bought that Omega Speedmaster by exchanging an old gold watch that my father had left me. Further back, I interpreted this coincidence as a sign of destiny, perhaps it was my father, unfortunately lost during my childwood, who advised me to follow that feeling.

My first sales experience was unfortunate because the shipper lost the package and with it my first investment. I have never given up facing obstacles. It was in fact thanks to the partial refund from the insurance company and some small savings, that I was able to purchase my first Rolex.

With this purchase I realized a dream; my ambition was such, that after a while, I decided to sell it with the idea of making a further investment. So, it was thanks to my “Skill” that unexpectedly, I made my first earnings and from that moment I understood that I could combine my great passion with a profession destined to be successful. I was only 21.

After some initial hesitation, I decided to take courage and quit my old job to focus all my energies on what today represents my greatest reward and passion. I improved my knowledge mostly thanks to years of experience gained on the field, by participating to the most renowned trade fairs and by coming into contact with the main dealers and collectors.
I started documenting myself trying to learn from those who, before me, had already embarked on this path made up of small mechanism and gears and not least a great observation.

To date, my greatest satisfaction is being able to continuously surprise my customers providing them the rarest and most exclusive watches on the market. To me, ensuring the best is imperative! My purpose is, not surely limited to a sale, but aim to be the guidance toward a purchase of meaningful and historical objects that probably in the future will reveal being a good investment.