Rolex Day-Date 18038 18K Yellow Gold with turned Purple Dial – Excellent Conditions –

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ROLEX DAY-DATE REFERENCE 18038 18K Yellow Gold with Turned Purple Dial

Commonly named the “President” the Rolex Day-Date earned this nickname from a smart marketing move by the brand. Gifting a Day-Date to Dwight Eisenhower back then president of the United States of America. Rolex stated in its marketing material at the time that “Men who guide the history of the world, wear Rolex watches”. Since then the Day-Date models are considered the most prestigious of the Rolex’s collection, often fitting the most amazing and exclusive configurations and combinations of materials.

This pre-owned Rolex Day-Date reference 18038 fits the following characteristics:

Case 18kt Yellow Gold
Turned Purple dial

This luxury second hand Rolex Day-Date reference 18038 turned purple dial is available at our DEANGELIS Boutique in Milano.