If you wish to sell your watch, you can contact us at our e-mail address or WhatsApp contact as it follows: online@maurideangelis.it +39 339 577 86 48We kindly ask you to provide us some pictures of your timepiece. We will reply as soon as possible with a purchase proposal. Upon your agreement we will immediately proceed with the payment by bank transfer. You just need to send us some photos of your timepiece and as soon as possible we will come to you with a binding purchase offer. If you accept it, we will immediately proceed with paying the amount we previously agreed on, with a bank transfer.


If you wish to buy one of our watches by offering your timepiece in exchange: In this case, we kindly ask you to contact us at our e-mail address online@maurideangelis.itor our WhatsApp contact+39 339 577 86 48. We need to receive pictures and documents of the watch if you wish to trade.


Watches are high-precision mechanical devices. Having your timepiece regularly serviced is the secret to preserving its integrity, its functioning and its value over the years. Therefore, you can always contact us for having your watch regularly checked or for any other repair. Once checked, the item will be returned to you with a “warranty booklet” in which we will give you all the details of the work carried out by our exert lab staff.


The polishing is an optional service aiming at restoring the aesthetical aspect of your watch and its bracelet. During the process, the metal surfaces are skillfully polished while preserving the original shape of each component. Since the case has to fully dismantled, the water resistance will be renewed after the polishing. _

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